Region Sees 112 Homicides in 2010 as of Aug. 12

By Steve Rensberry

   (RPC) - ST. LOUIS - 8/23/2010 - Two shootings, one in Washington Park, Illinois, and one on Louisiana Avenue in St. Louis are the latest to be listed on an interactive listing of murders in the St. Louis area this year, compiled by Erica Smith and Greg Jonsson of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and available online here: 2010 St. Louis area murder map. The project was started on Jan. 1 of this year and also contains a link (though inactive at last attempt) to the 2009 map.
    According to the site, both homicides took place on Aug. 12. In the one in Washington Park, 25-year-old Jonathon T. Jones was found dead in his home after police had responded to a report of gunshots in the area. Two other men still in the house were injured but survived. A third man was uninjured.
    "Police believe someone walked into the home and started shooting, but aren't sure who or why," the report says.
    The shooting on Louisana Avenue involved a 44-year-old man named Kenneth Roberts who was shot in the face during an argument near where he lived. Witnesses reported a green vehicle from which the fatal shots were fired.
    In both cases, anyone with information is asked to call 618-346-3768 or CrimeStoppers at 866-371-8477.
    The shootings bring to 112 the number of killings in the St. Louis region this year that are listed on the website, with June being by far the deadliest at 22. Listed are 14 in January, 5 in February, 14 in March, 19 in April, 12 in May, 22 in June, 13 in July and 3 so far in August. While not all homicides remain unsolved, the person or persons who thought up this great interactive tool deserve praise.
    "Our goal is to map each area murder and follow up with information on arrests, charges and sentences. This map will be continuously updated; check back for more information. Many of these cases are still under investigation," Smith and Jonsson write.