Decision On Tossing Ethanol Mandate Applauded

   (EWG) - Washington - 2/4/2013 - A U.S. Appeals Court decision to throw out the 2012 federal mandate requiring refiners to blend cellulosic ethanol into the domestic gasoline supply should be wake-up call to Congress that the nation’s biofuels policy is in sore need of reform, said Environmental Working Group Vice President for Government Affairs Scott Faber.
  The U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington, D.C. sided on Friday with gasoline refiners who argued that requirements for using cellulosic ethanol under the Renewable Fuel Standard were based on unrealistic production forecasts by the Environmental Protection Agency.
   “The ethanol mandate has been a disaster for most farmers, consumers, taxpayers and the environment. The court's decision to strike down large parts of the mandate creates a rare opportunity to reform the mandate to help consumers and the environment and to pave the way for truly sustainable biofuels. Now is the time to reform the ethanol mandate to reduce the amount of food and feed being diverted to fuel and to create a level playing field for promising new fuels that don't pit our energy needs against our food and environmental needs," Faber said.